My Rules:

Work options:
• Art
• Clip art
• Animation

* Price and time depends on the complexity

You can write for any questions, I will be glad

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My Pricelist (approximate):
99 Extra Votes:
(Basic art) • Support
249 Extra Votes:
(Advanced art + bonuses) • Support and fixes • All stages of drawing: sketch, outline drawing, color. (If desired)
499 Extra Votes:
(Hardcore art + bonuses) • Support and fixes • Any drawing style • All stages of drawing: ideas, sketch, outline drawing, color. (If desired) • Provide original images (If desired)

My Active Requests at WHentai:

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Boy is Natsu, left erza and right mirajane No furry version. Leashes are there. [img id="de02f7094b88a02fe04be012df2e59b0"]
Added: 2018-12-28 18:35:43
Serie : Grand Blue Title : Nanaka's Wrath Characters : Chisa Kotegawa (image1) / Nanaka Kotegawa (image2) / Iori Kitahara (image3) Details : Nanaka, in night dress (images 5-6) surprised Chisa and Iori. In background, to the right, Nanaka (angry) breaks the wall (image 4). Be inspired by the seventh image for the position of Chisa and Iori (pussy licking). Chisa and Iori are for the foreground, to the left and in the center of the image. Thanks [img id="b4965ed0920ae34bd2cbb1e0a21d03bb"] [img id="d98bfa2284552889ba2f45b0f897a889"] [img id="0aae9a9797e6aec56e2b2e3298775ef6"] [img id="e57e9661682b031e13b8475f2af06d4e"] [img id="4ae80fcc096dd2135a3f3160f64a518b"] [img id="ea236c2b8642084350b57cf9a6834e46"] [img id="e8641aaabfc4c1f1601899387c8ee67e"]
Added: 2018-11-26 10:54:28